The Best Time to Purchase Used Cars & Trucks

what is the best time to buy a used car?

Curious to know if there’s a best time to purchase used cars? While the answer to this quandary is surely yes, this predominantly depends on your needs and priorities. Perhaps you want the most savings. Maybe the best value? Perhaps the biggest selection? Or the most for your trade-in vehicle? Different times of the week, month, or year can often provide their own reasons. To help you to best understand all the options, we’re going to take a closer look at the most popular times to purchase pre-owned cars below.

Best to Buy Before You Need It

Buy a new-to-you used car before you really need it. Of course this response might not be time-specific, but it’s usually better to have more time on this kind of decision instead of making this type of purchase in a hurry. It’s good practice to begin discovering all your options to make an informed choice rather than a rushed one. Additionally, it works in your favor to make a decision before your car breaks down, because it will receive a better offer for a trade-in because of its better condition.

In The 4th Quarter of the Year

Why shop for a used car during the final months of the year? We suggest this time of year for the number of seasonal holiday dealer sales typically on hand. Furthermore, let’s make no mistake that there is a need to find room for incoming models.

Towards the Start of the Week

Why purchase a used car at the start of the week? Well, when auto dealerships aren’t too busy, it is commonly easier for car buyers to get the car they’re looking for. In comparison to Fridays and Saturdays, Mondays tend to be the least in demand by far. This means significantly more time and attention from the sales and financing team.

During Holiday & Seasonal Sales Events

Seasonal holiday sales are generally a perfect time to purchase a car or truck. While these national sales events present sizable discounts on new cars, many dealerships also provide local incentives or offers on their certified pre-owned and used inventory, as well. Overall, New Year’s ranks amid the best of all perennial sales events for customers looking for worthwhile deals. During the middle of the year, drivers can typically expect to enjoy even more savings for July 4th and Memorial Day. Then, in the final quarter of the year, there are a series of seasonal and holiday sales events starting with Labor Day then wrapping up at the end of the year with December’s sales events to round out the year.

During the End of the Month

What’s the reward of buying a pre-owned vehicle towards the month’s last week? Well, because most dealerships operate on a monthly basis, it’s likely possible that some vehicles may need to be cleared in order to make room for incoming vehicles. This may increase your likelihood of getting the right car at the right price.

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